Real life. Less posed. Less planned. Simple. And all something I love.

DSC_3481DSC_3476Think about it. Months before baby is even born, you are hardly even showing your baby bump. To panicking that due date is soon, and the room is not ready. To then bring them home and baby ends up sleeping with you or next to your bed for the first few months.

Long before baby even sleeps in that room for the first night all by themselves. That room is planned. The decorations, the colors, the crib, the down to the rug on the floor. Everything hung just right. All planned.

So why not document it?

Say hello to my favorite newborn session to date. The real stuff.


The room you will make countless diaper changes, and probably in the dark. Where you will read countless bedtime stories. The room you will be peed or pooped on a time or two (I have been there, we know it happens haha) To the smiles, laughs, tears if your anything like me and to those countless sleepless nights.


Big thank you to this beautiful family for letting me into their home and asking me to document these memories for their family!

XOXO Angela



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