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Here they are! A few of my favorites from Downtown Saint Paul & this fabulous family! Enjoy friends!


Ok wait…. let me guess. Before you start scrolling.

 You are thinking, how can I get my family photographed by Angela, right? How do you know what kind of photographer you want to invest in, that will capture your fabulous family just right?  Or how perfect would these type of photos look up on your walls?


Let me help you……

(1) You are cool with the fact that the FIRST tip I tell you is ” Do not look at the camera.”
(2) You think it would be fun to get dressed up, quick photo session and a night out for dinner? (Cause that is EXACTLY what these friends did.)
(3) Your family is your everything.
(4) You love the more realistic moments. Smile or no smile.
(5) You want a too the point, simple,& quick session. We all know, he would rather be watching football, and your toddlers attention is only for a short time. (sorry dads!… we know it’s true! )
(6) You are afraid you don’t know how to “pose” for the camera.
(7) You have no idea what to wear.
(8) You agree, parenthood is the scariest “hood” you will ever go thru.
(9) Motherhood means the world to you.
(10) You love that different feel for your photos, not the typical.

You made it thru all of these! Let me guess,  you are thinking that you are my kinda family!

So, Let’s make it official!  And I’ll take care of the rest!

As we all know I limit my sessions, but a little secret, I am planning a day in the city for just Mini Session photos! Sign up for my emails to get first dibs on a session! Sign up to be FIRST to know here! Or just sign up to get personalized love letters from me monthly to just stay up to date with the latest and snag some freebies!

See you in 2017!



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