Happy Halloween!

Still laughing at last years Halloween photos! Olivia’s costume of choice “Chewbacca” … Or at least what she claims looks like Chewbacca for her costume. Why Chewbacca? Please note that at the time of these photos, just past 2 years old. She watched “Harry & The Henderson’s” on repeat, ALL summer. And yes, I  may not watch movies but I know that Chewbacca is Star wars or something along those lines BUT she called Harry, Chewbacca.


Then, with a first trip out shopping for her 2015 Halloween costume….Tucked back in  rack was a furry leg hanging between ALLLL the possible costume choices a girl could have. And she screams “Chewbacca” and grabs the furry thing from the rack.

My initial thought, oh great.As much as I wanted to convince her otherwise and to just be Elsa from Frozen or anything else for that matter. I love the memories that will come out of this one when she is older. So that is what we got!

She told EVERYONE and anyone she was going to be “Chewbacca” for Halloween.


Spider Man.


AKA: Papa

Olivia is thrilled every year that her dad dresses up like Spider man! She thinks it is the coolest thing ever, and gets all excited to show her friends when he dresses up! ……Then cry’s for him to take the mask off cause she gets scared. Oh, kids!



Halloween 2015!