When was the last time you were doing something and completely lost track of time? And I am not talking about those times you were so caught up scrolling your Facebook feed or watching a favorite TV show.

I mean when you were so into whatever it was you were doing that time seemed to fly by. Enjoying yourself,  didn’t feel like you needed to check your phone every minute kind of situation?

Aamodt’s Apple Farm
For me, this was one of those days.



I love October. Falling leaves, over-sized sweaters, boots, hats, scarves, a cup of my favorite coffee, messy hair & warm socks. Everything about Autumn is perfect.

And of course Apple Orchard trips with my  favorite!

Although the days get shorter, I always feel like life slows down just a bit. Love the crisp mornings & early sunsets.


I could honestly just follow her around with my camera all day. We walked around the apple orchard for a good couple hours. These are the moments when I lose track of time.



And sure, it looks like I just followed her around peaking behind trees, being her paparazzi…. But you know, THIS is actually how we picked most of the apples! 🙂




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