When I first started photography, my biggest struggle was finding someone to shadow! Someone to learn from! So I want to make that possible to you! Mentoring tailored to you, at your own pace, time and with YOUR photography or editing needs in mind.

This is a BASIC photography mentoring course for anyone that wants to learn how to use their DSLR camera better. Taking it out of “AUTO” and get better images. Get better photos of your kids, grandkids, family, or simply the people and things in your life that are important to you!


3 hours- $299.00

Topics to pick from that we can discuss:
-Get comfortable with your camera settings
-Why shoot in Manual
-Shooting in Manual Mode
-ISO, Shutter Speed & Aperture
-Camera modes- AV, P, S, & Manual
-Exposure Meter/ Exposure basics
-White Balance
-Focus modes
-Put what we learn into practice

A N G E L A  N G U Y E N  P H O T O G R A P H Y
“Your camera takes nice photos.” – Thanks I taught it everything it knows! 😉

HALF DAY OPTION- $499 (Lunch included! DUH! )
-Anything listed above +++
-Studio light
-Editing software/Editing Basics
-Photoshop CC
-Booking the right cliental
-Growing your business
-Marketing your business
-Using Instagram to grow your business
-How to say NO


-Date and time will be set once retainer is placed. Remaining balance is due day of. *payment plans available for half day only*

*You MUST have and be familiar with a DSLR and have basic knowledge of Photoshop (Preferably Photoshop CC but not required).
Please bring your camera ( ** Must bring a DSLR, not a point a point & shoot camera)

Come with a list of questions ready! Let me know what YOU want to learn! Want more details? Questions? Email me @ angelanguyenphotos@gmail.com!

IMG_0541 copy
DSLR 101- The basics
IMG_0604 copy
Meet Mindy! Since this class she has upgraded her equipment and knows her DSLR! And now takes FAB photos of her kids!

IMG_0537 copy

IMG_1107 copy
Photoshop basics with @ www.holdmeclose.net

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