Kitchen Designer, turns Kitchen Photographer | Duluth, MN

For the past 12+ years, I have been behind a computer being creative in other ways. Right out of high school I starting working as, and still am a Kitchen & Bath Designer. And for the first time I was able to tie my passion for photography, with my passion for interior spaces together. I don’t think words can describe how excited I was, or the stupid smile I had on my face while putting the two of these creative ways together.


Let’s go back to the 1980’s?

Duluth, MN. My Aunt has contacted me more times than one can count over the past 12 years to help her with her kitchen. Cause it clearly needed some help, right! Take a second and look….

That dishwasher directly next to the stove, so when your standing at the sink, trying to load your dishwasher… or the wall cabinets hanging down over her peninsula, so when you’re sitting at your bar stool you have cabinets directly right in front of your face, microwave on the countertop so you lose any counter space. And the ever so famous soffits above that everyone loves 🙂


2004 – 1st attempt to update….. Painting your original cabinets and countertops.

Every Kitchen Designers worst nightmare. (Sorry Paul & Sheryl LOL!)  2004, the same year I started designing kitchens. So many people think a quick easy fix to update their kitchen is to paint right over their existing ones. Freshen them up a bit. I know now days they make some pretty good kits at the local home improvement stores BUT save yourself the troubles please.

They say the average person remodel’s their kitchen 1.5 times in their lifetime. This friends, is that .5 time….

Over the years, I have had many, many talks about this kitchen with my aunt.There are a lot of decisions to be made when it comes to replacing your cabinets. The floors, appliances, tile, paint… It can be a pretty big project overall. And we all know that once you start digging into an older home. Things don’t always go as planned, there can be set backs, and one project always turns into another.


Like a bee’s nest in your soffits.

I also understand that we all want to shop around and find the best pricing on cabinets. When your making that big of an investment, trust me I get it. I also compare quotes daily to the competitors and know their products.

With that being said, even though this is my Aunt. Just know that she did her research, she of course wanted to use me cause I am her favorite niece 🙂 But she also needed to make sure she was making the right choices for her. Finding out what cabinet companies options were, what is included what is not, quality etc. Big box store, custom cabinet or online cabinet which is what I do. Selling all over the US!

She had quotes from countless places, compared ALL her options. Just like everyone else would have. She kept me in the loop, I still gave her feedback and suggestions whether she used the company I work for’s cabinets or not. I of course wanted her to make the best decision for her as they live in the house, not me.


And through the years of planning, We narrowed out the perfect design!


New dishwasher location!


No soffits, microwave over the stove & no cabinets over the peninsula.



LOVE details!

Overall amazing before and after. With a great redesign of a few things in the space, new cabinets and their great taste in the details of tying it all together on site. I absolutely LOVE it! 

For the photography part of it, it took me a few trys to understand the angles, the shifting light from the window & patio door. But with a little time spent & not a huge amount of knowledge on photographing interior spaces, I am very happy with my outcome!

Also, it isn’t everyday or nearly ever that I get to be in-person, in a kitchen that I designed! I design and sell all over the US, so I only get to see photos clients send to me of their finsihed space, never do I get to experience it on this level. Pretty awesome feeling seeing your work in person.

I wish them many more great years in their new space!


Enjoy the new space Paul & Sheryl! Love you!

Cabinet Manufacture:;

Cabinet Door Style: Dayton; Painted White

Countertops: Quartz; Color:Pebble Rock

Flooring: Strand Woven Antiqued Harvest Bamboo

Tile: Ceramic subway tile; Color: Ice White

Contractor: Chad Lane, Highmark Construction;