Do not go where the path may lead, instead go where there is no path & leave a trail | Minneapolis Lifestyle Photographer

Hello! Hi!

Yep, it has been some time! By now you might have figured it out, or maybe you have not!! But I do not have a Facebook business page for all my photography anymore (crazy, I know!) And the emails keep rolling in, “Do you still do photography?!”  And the answer is …OF COURSE I DO! (Some emails even asked simply if I was alive! LOL!! Thank you for those!)

BUT, of course there is a “BUT” 🙂


This was on MY BIRTHDAY! 🙂

When I first started, I went all in with the idea photography. Kinda how I do things, all or nothing at all. Also in a time where EVERYONE now days is an aspiring photographer. Along the way I learned what worked for me & what didn’t work for me. Got everything exactly where I had thought I wanted it to go.

During all of that, trying to keep myself from losing the passion for the art of photography that I have. I was also learning what I enjoyed the most about it, and the things I may not like about it!


Countless trips to ride the carousel 🙂

Did I want to only photograph families, would I want to do weddings, did I want to keep doing newborns. I still have a big vision for all of this!

Then we tie in keeping up with going “trends” just to get business. Making sure I posted to social media at the right time, on the right day. How many “likes” did a photo get.

To sending out client galleries at 2am, and going to my regular day job the next morning! And a BIG one, missing putting my daughter to bed so I could get those perfect sunset photos done for another family with their children.(There was so much more than you guys all think! Trust me!)

Through all of that, I found myself forgetting about what got me started doing photography in the first place. Olivia.


Trips to her favorite park 🙂

While everyone was wanting photos of their children and their milestones. I had a small child growing up as well! When I found time to document her adorable little self. I found a love for her real life, everyday moments that everyone was forgetting small children have.

We all want that perfect cake smash session, or that perfectly posed toddler smiling in adorable little clothes. Let’s be real- toddlers cry, they may not want to smile and say cheese. Let’s let them be kids and see where that takes us!

Enter my love of more realistic lifestyle moments with Olivia!



Trampoline hair 🙂


Every Wednesday night she comes home with this face painting 🙂


After every bath she runs around the house exactly like this 🙂

Do I completely understand lifestyle photography? No. Did I understand photography when I first started? No. But that is what makes the art of photography what it is. I love showing people what I see thru my eyes, not just whats on the other side of the lens.

My goal is to capture everyday moments with her, and share them along the way! Let her be a kid and forget about the perfectly posed, smiling photos and make sure I enjoy her while she’s still a child!


A picture is worth a thousand words, but the memories are priceless 🙂

So, what happens with everything else I have worked so hard on with all this photography business to this point? It’s still here, I could never give up on something I am passionate about! But same as before, I really limit how many sessions I take on per month. I limit so that I can maintain life myself and make sure I take care of everyone the best I can!

I will update my website as I open up sessions throughout the year! Like fall photos for example, I’ll run some set dates where I will be open for photos! Dates and times are on my site now for 2016 fall family sessions! And then if I open up spring/summer photos I will post on my blog so everyone knows how to book!

Thanks for making sure I am still alive , and thanks for all the support over the last few years now of all this! We all grow, change and create our own paths along the way!

Cheers! 🙂